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Door panels

Door Panels,  made to order up to a size of 1100 x 300mm this is on toughened safety glass, made with adhesive lead strips and glass stain resin colours.  This system allows the design flexibility to achieve our designs and the added benefit of toughened safety glass providing safety and security ensuring glazing code requirements are met.

Door panels and sidelights are suitable for wooden or aluminium joinery, internal and external situations, and can be made with a curved or square top.  Templates are required for irregular shapes, ie curved top, hexagons, ovals etc.

All our designs can be adapted to suit sidelights and toplights to achieve a matched set in your entrance.

There is a range of sixteen different colours detailed on the brochure, however we can also colour match if required, to enable you to match our designs to suit your colour scheme.

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Various glass types are used, choose from Cathedral, Flemish, Stippolite or plain glass, simply specify when ordering. 

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Pilkington Decorative Glass has been specially designed to blend the modern with the traditional.

Glass must be functional. But it is also important part of the overall design experience. The special features of decorative glass can transform the ambience and environment that a home or building creates.

The inspirational features of stained or etched glass, with their unique geometry and colour, as well as their tendency to soften and enhance natural light, are now available from Pilkington in a range of decorative glass.

This range is made using the two proprietary processes which each create their own distinctive styles. The Favany® range with an extensive array of geometric designs and colours. The Qualage® range with its virtual leadlight qualities.

The effective use of decorative glass can transform the mood or tone of your home both internally and externally. Create a sense of formality or heritage: of close intimacy in a special living area or a natural light feature in a hallway.

Whatever mood you want to create, look at the Pilkington Decorative Glass range first.

Ceramic colours are fused into the glass in an endless variety of design while special mouldings give the total appearance and feel of traditional leadlight.

For special architectural projects Pilkington offers unlimited design flexibility.

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Pilkington Decorative Glass is a striking addition to any environment.

Your Creative Solution

Pilkington Door Panels are produced in New Zealand using a unique screen printing process. The ceramically decorated panels have colour fused at high temperatures to become an integral part of the glass. This offers high quality and lasting durability.

Ceramic Colour

Permanent colours are produced by ceramic powders fused into the glass which are resistant to UV light and fading. Pilkington Door Panels can be glazed in fully sunlit applications.


Pilkington Door Panels are manufactured to be glazed into almost any door – wooden or aluminium. The panel design allows for trimming to suit smaller sized openings.


Safety is an important issue in the home – the 5mm standard thickness meets the Human Impact Provisions of NZS4223. The majority of the Pilkington Door Panel range can also be toughened for further safety.


Unlike sandblasted surfaces – Pilkington Door Panels do not readily finger mark and are easily cleaned.


Pilkington Door Panels are available throughout New Zealand from your local Glass merchant.


Quality is strictly controlled to produce a long-lasting superior product. This is endorsed by our 10-year warranty covering colour and adhesion of the decorative surfaces.

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