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Easy Air


This ventilator is easy to fit and comes complete with insect screen and weathering canopy. The "Easy Air" vent provides cost effective controllable "glazed in ventilation" with total security suitable for both single and double glazed applications. It's suitable for use with aluminium, UPVC and timber joinery.

The Easy Air vent is manufactured from extruded aluminium with PVC slide and exterior grade Nylon end caps.

Following extensive research in the UK a minimum requirement for background passive ventilation has been adopted. This minimum requirement is for 4000mm2 minimum air opening per average sized room that is used for normal living activities. This does not include bathrooms, laundries or kitchens. These may require more ventilation in the absence of other methods of moisture extraction.

The minimum air opening is proportional to the overall length of the vent X 8000mm2 per metre less an allowance of 740mm2 for end caps.
Example: Vent overall length 600mm = 0.6 X 8000 = 4800 - 740 = 4060mm2


The above size range is available ex stock with right hand control (looking from inside the house) in black or white powdercoated finish. Vents exceeding 1100mm in length may require a stiffener if exposed to high wind loadings depending on the depth of the glass pane below the vent. Check when placing your order.

Special sizes are available on request. Delivery is within three working days of receipt of the order. Prices are based on the nearest standard size above; there is no extra charge for a special size. Standard sizes can be recut to special requirements by the fabricator. Simply follow the instructions supplied with the vent.

5m lengths and associated components can be purchased subject to certain conditions regarding quantity and training.

Initially only matt black and gloss white powdercoated finishes are available ex stock. The colour range will be increased as the pattern of customer requirement becomes established. Special anodised or powdercoated colours are available on request. Price and delivery times are to be established on application. Cord controls are available, but are unnecessary where the knob can easily be reached.


  1. Either overall, or daylight (sight) length
  2. Colour (end caps black or white, slide or control knob black only).
  3. Right or left hand control (looking from INSIDE).
  4. If cords are required - (state length).

To determine sizes for vent and glass height, refer to the drawings .
click here for drawing 1.
click here for drawing 2.


"Easy Air" is a high specification vent designed for NZ conditions and complies with NZ4211 Standard for windows. Its air leakage factor complies with level 2 of the above standard so it can therefore be used commercially in air conditioned buildings. It can be cut to any size within the constraints of appearance (too small) and wind loading (too long). Telarc test reports are available on request by contacting the manufacturer. We strongly recommend you read our "general information on background ventilation" or contact BRANZ for one of their detailed reports appropriate to your application.

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