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Double Glazing

Insu-Glas Double Glazing

Why double glazing?

Windows are the soul of a house. They let in light, sun and views, and connect a room with the outside world. Windows also give a home much of its character. But ordinary windows can rob your home of warmth and comfort. Installing Insu-Glas double glazing will improve your home more than you dreamed possible.

Save on heating bills

Most New Zealand homes have ordinary single glazed windows. The Building Research Association of New Zealand has found that even a modern, insulated house will lose up to half of its heat through single glazed windows. lnsu-glas units greatly reduce this energy loss, so heating costs will be much lower.

Protect carpets and furniture from fading

lnsu-glas double glazing can be specified to significantly reduce the amount of ultraviolet light entering your home. This helps to prevent the carpet, furniture and drapes chosen with such care from losing their original colour.

No more cold spots near windows

Sitting near a single glazed window in winter can be like being in a refrigerator. That's because cold air enters through normal glass and passes into the room. Warmth is also sucked out through the glass, causing drafts. With Insu-Glas double glazed windows, warm air is circulated back into the room, and cold spots disappear.

No more need to block the view and light with curtains or blinds

Because lnsu-glas double glazing provides such good insulation for your windows, there's no longer a need for expensive drapes or blinds. You can be warm and cosy, while still enjoying the view outside. This fits in with modern architectural styles, where large windows and a lot of glass are often a feature of the building.

Cooler in summer

Insu-Glas acts in a similar way to a thermos, keeping your home cool on those stifling summer days by not letting the sun's burning rays enter the house. We can also use tinted or reflective glass in our insulating glass units in areas where a hot climate can be a problem. These improve the windows shading coefficient, which gives greater protection against the sun.

Much less noise

It seems, unfortunately, that increasing noise is part of modern life. Insu-Glas can reduce inside noise levels by as much as 50%. Acoustic performance can be further boosted by using glass, which is thicker or laminated. So even if you live on a busy road, with our Insu-Glas windows you can hear yourself think, and rest easy.

Less Condensation

Condensation happens when moisture in the warm air meets the cold surface temperature of ordinary window glass. Insu-Glas double glazing keeps the inside glass surface warmer, so fogging and condensation (which can damage woodwork, furniture or upholstery) is much less of a problem.

How double-glazing works

Ordinary windows do not insulate your home well. In simple terms, heat tries to flow from where it's hot to where it's not. That's why, in winter, heat tries to move from warm homes out into the cooler air. In summer, the process is reversed, with warm air trying to enter the cooler house. Single-glazed windows do little to stop this heat transfer. Double-glazing greatly slows this process, by cushioning the glass with air. This makes it harder for heat to pass through the glass, keeping warm air where it should be: outside in summer, and inside in winter.

What is Insu-Glas double-glazing?

Our Insu-Glas units use dual seal technology with every unit being sealed tight at two points for absolute stability.

This premium system of constructing double glazed units is internationally recognised because it works and it lasts. In Europe tens of thousands of dual seal double glazed units are produced every day.

Insu-Glas units are manufactured by the most advanced system in the world. Parkin Glass is proud to be the first New Zealand manufacturer to use the Lisec vertical automated production line which is fully backed by the Lisec (Austria) technical team.

The Technical Low Down

The rate at which heat is transferred through glass is known as the U-value. (U value= watts/m2K.) *The lower the U- value, the more efficient the insulation. The installation of lnsu-glas double-glazing can reduce the U-value of your windows by between 50% and 69% depending on glass specifications.

Low-E stands for low-emissivity. This is a durable, hard, transparent coating which is applied to the glass in the factory during manufacturing. Because it is part of the glass itself, it does not deteriorate. Using low-E glass makes double-glazing even more effective at keeping heat in during winter.

Thermal Transmittance
(indicative figures)
U Value
Heat Loss Reduction*
Single glass 4mm 6.1 -
Insu-Glas 4mm/4mm 2.7 51%
Insu-Glas 4mm/Low E 2.0 69%
*Compared with single glass


lnsu-glas units can be adapted to fit most existing windows, even in older homes. Our expert team at Parkin Glass would be happy to come and advise you on double glazing for your home.

We are able to handle all your double glazing needs weather it be a new installation or repair we are here to help.

We are happy to give you a quote for any double glazing inquires you might have or call in and see one of our friendly staff about your needs.

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